Win anything from PlayStation 3s to iPhones on our website, it's easy just place a bid and watch the timer reach zero!

How it works?

Using PaceBids is a piece of cake! Here is how it works:

1.        Register

2.       Buy one of our Bid Packs

3.       Bid on the item you want to win!

Yes it is that simple! PaceBids auctions are slightly different than regular penny auctions, although we also provide regular penny auctions from time to time. PaceBids is known for its unique No Timer Auctions. We have a system thats sets-up a price AUTOMATICALLY between two dollar amounts we choose. So when you see an auction that says “Price Range is Between $0.01 – $2.75) our system automatically sets the price between those numbers. This is to be fair, and both for your convenience and our pleasure – which is always your satisfaction!

Along with No Timer Auctions, we also have many different auction types that are trending  such as Reverse Auctions, Beginner’s Auctions, Free Auctions and many more!  

Happy Bidding!